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Making goals attainable

Ready-made solution to control and monitor scorecard (KPIs) of a company

Making goals attainable

Ability to use multidimensional analytical measurements in indicators and reports

Making goals attainable

Single dashboard to display every control point of a company’s performance

Making goals attainable

Automatic notification system to inform of deviations from target values of indicators

Making goals attainable

Supporting Balanced Scorecard and other performance management methodologies

Integration and consolidation

Implemented by KPI MONITOR technology allows direct data import from production databases (any ERP,CRM,SCM, custom accounting program) as well as from intermediate files in Microsoft Excel or XML formats. In addition, the program supports the automatic synchronization of analytical reference to the corporate information system that provides a common analytical and reference system for the company. Read more...

Interactive animated data visualization

Numerous graphical charts and widgets offered by KPI MONITOR for dynamical data display. Program implements customizable colour schemes, both for the actual KPI values and for target and alarm values and trends. Tabs on KPI form are provided for tabular report creation, analytical drill-down, viewing information on child indicators used for KPI calculation. Read more...

Monitoring panels

Monitoring panel is an informational panel (dashboard), which is used to overview the most important indicators, scorecards and reports at a glance. Monitoring panels are used by managers to monitor the activities in the organization and for executive decision support. They are customizable for individual user, in accordance with his/her most significant indicators, responsibility areas and desired graphical elements. Read more...

Deep analysis of consolidated enterprise data

KPI MONITOR supports unlimited number of analytical dimensions and offers effective tools for multidimensional data analysis. In addition, program provides wide options for data drill-down. One click on the indicator brings user to the report, which was used to calculate data, and contains full and detailed information on KPI values, child indicators and trends. Read more...

Simple setup and customisation

Implementation of parameterised settings in KPI MONITOR allows simple and convenient tuning of system elements by the user. Custom hierarchy of KPI by any complexity can be implemented by company analyst or executive, without direct changes to source code, which significantly reduces the time of deployment, administration and customisation of company's KPI and reduces total cost of ownership for the program. Read more...

Rapid deployment and scalability

As a web-based application, KPI MONITOR can be used from any web browser connected to the Internet as well as to the Intranet networks, providing companies with wide options of business-communication, regardless of particular business-unit of user location, forming a single secure and reliable collaborative environment of the company. Read more...

Supporting models of any complexity and subject area

KPI MONITOR can be used for KPI automation regardless of organisational structure, data volume, number of analytical parameters, complexity of indicator relationships, etc. Program can be used in any area which require target management: The Balanced Scorecard (BSC), Financial analysis and modelling, Budgeting, Staff motivation and grading, Quality Management Systems (QMS), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Distribution Management, Project Management. Read more...

Ready-made libraries of indicators (KPI)

Industry-specific solution based on KPI MONITOR is a library of indicators corresponding to the application, industry and business processes. All indicators are bundled in pre-set template with specified relationships, methods of calculation, analytical parameters, as well as a graphical representation. Template is also contains basic organisational structure and users responsible for operational and target KPIs, with pre-configured monitoring panels (dashboards).

Analytical reporting wizard

Reporting wizard shipped with KPI MONITOR provides the ability to create custom reports, reflecting the data of interest by the required analytical facet. Parameterised settings are making the creation of complex multidimensional reports a simple, convenient and accessible for the user.