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About program

With advances in technology, rapid changes of business environment and growing competitiveness, market demands companies with effective management, including quality improvement, timely response and adequate executive decision making. KPI MONITOR is a turn-key solution for up-to date and precise evaluation of company effectiveness, by the mean of automation of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) management. Provided solution offers wide opportunities for both horizontal and vertical niches, and can be adopted by companies of different markets, industries and used for variety of purposes: financial management, budgeting, customer relationship management, business processes, grading and human resources management, project management, etc.

KPI MONITOR allows to design and automate performance indicators of any complexity, using both existing methodology (Balanced Indicators, 6-Sigma), or creating proprietary KPI system. Any way you choose, program provides one stop solution for KPI management.

Data acquisition and processing

The system provides a flexible means of integration with all sorts of information systems (accounting software, ERP and CRM-systems, WMS, etc.) in order to collect data necessary to create indicators. In addition, KPI MONITOR supports automatic synchronization of analytical dictionaries to the corporate information system, which provides the company with a single analytical reference.

Setting up custom KPI system and local indicators

KPI MONITOR provides four indicator types: basic, which contains raw values of planned and actual data; target, displaying the value in the context of planned/targeted values and risk zones; estimated, which is calculated by custom algorithms, using the formulas, mathematical functions and values of other indicators, and the container providing the convenience of grouping of several indicators in one visual block.

KPI MONITOR establishes hierarchy of all types of indicators, maintaining complex casual relationships between financial and non-financial, key performance and operational indicators, linked to strategic business objectives.

Indicators calculation

Parametric configuration of calculation logic, and performing the calculation by the system itself is the unique advantage of KPI MONITOR. The calculation is done using formulas and algorithms applied to the imported data values and values of other indicators.

Business logic of KPI calculation is implemented fully in KPI MONITOR by means of: all kinds of formulas, libraries of functions, filtering/restricting of analytical parameters and calculation algorithms. Ability to use dependant KPI values in formulas enables development of different KPI models based on imported data. This feature - using KPI values in calculation of dependant KPI - allows creation of self-regulatory models, where target and alarm values are automatically adjusted in accordance to programmed computational algorithms, using dependant parameters. Parametric configuration of the KPI MONITOR significantly reduce roll-out time, administration burden, cost of KPI system customisation, thus reducing the total cost of ownership. KPI set up and calculation functions are developed using Object Oriented Programming approach that provides flexibility, transparency, simplicity and ease of administration.

KPI The calculation of receivables KPI Example of the use of functions

Interactive animated visualisation

Convenience and clarity of KPIs and theirs clusters presentation significantly affects the perceptual speed and quality of the analysis of large amounts of disparate data that reflects company's activities. Web interface of KPI MONITOR, developed on the Microsoft Silverlight platform, provides interactivity and animation in all forms of data presentation and combines, on one hand, simplicity and intuitiveness, and on another - the flexibility of specialized tools for thorough performance monitoring. The system allows monitoring of both operational (local, tactical) and key (KPI) company's indicators, and also provides prompt notification of deviations from target values by means of e-mail or sms.

Multidimensional analytical analysis

As a BI-application, KPI MONITOR offers extensive analytical capabilities, namely: an unlimited number of analytical dimensions of indicators, multidimensional analytics for indicators, interactive drill-down of the indicators by any analytical dimension, analytical reporting wizard and the capability to apply different filters to analytical dictionaries.

Benefits of using

  • A thorough understanding of the business with all its internal and external processes and their relationships.
  • Strategic direction of business activities of all departments and employees.
  • Increased progress in strategic objectives achievement.
  • Effective centralised resources distribution.
  • Evaluating the impact of executive decisions in accordance with the company's strategy
  • Understanding of strategic objectives and personal tasks by employees
  • Improved collaboration between employees and departments
  • Brief view on key business information in a generalised, systematic, easy to understand way
  • Executive officers and employees are personally responsible for assigned to them performance indicators
  • Employees motivation through clarity of personal goals and objectives