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Consulting companies

Development of KPI MONITOR was inspired by the demands of companies focused on managerial consulting, designing of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) systems, business process optimization, etc. As a powerful and universal tool for KPI systems automation, the program provides consulting companies with:

Effective tool for implementation of managerial consulting projects.

Broad functionality of the program allows you to automate custom designed system of key performance indicators of any level of complexity, facilitating data import and processing, design and implementation of KPI and local indicators, calculation of indicator values, interactive animated visualization and multidimensional analysis. This leads to significant reduction in project implementation time and cost.

Fair presentation of results of rendered consulting services

KPI MONITOR allows you to record, specify the calculation, provide a visual representation and analyse in the context of any analytical dimension the indicators, which are the result of services you have rendered. This, in turn, will constitute the material representation, measure, and will ensure understanding of the results of your work by the client.

Productivity of providing consulting services

Effectiveness of introducing KPI system directly depends on the correct definitions of key performance indicators, and on the possibilities of their further use. KPI MONITOR provides all the necessary tools: for data collection and processing, designing and configuring of KPI systems and local indicators, calculation of indicator values, interactive visualization, system of automated notification on indicator changes, multidimensional analysis, detailed information on indicators calculation, etc. As a result, the end customer receives a tool for effective use of introduced KPI system, which increases the perception of quality of your services.

Revenue from the sale and setup of KPI MONITOR

You are given the opportunity to start a new business line, which is closely related to your core business, does not require additional cost, fully consistent with your expertise and will generate revenue both from the sale the system and by providing customers with implementation services, training, and support of KPI MONITOR system. In addition, sales of already developed and implemented libraries of KPI will increase the revenue of your business.

Competitive advantage

Implementing the consulting projects with the KPI MONITOR system, you provide your customers with additional features that contribute to more effective use of the results of your project which is sets you out among competitors.

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