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Saint Petersburg, 41A Grazhdansky str., "Academic" shopping center
+7 (812) 333-18-28


BILab company specializes in the implementation and operation of high-performance solutions for budgeting, analytical reporting and data mining.

The scope of BIlab expertise includes the implementation of the integration of applications, OLAP-storage facilities, as well as applications and methodologies for in-depth analysis of the data to identify hidden patterns.

Company BILab a gold certified partner of Microsoft in developing solutions business analysis.

BILab has all the necessary technical and administrative resources to implement the project of any complexity and provides a whole range of necessary work, including: consulting, building techniques and regulations, develop and adapt the software in accordance with the requirements, design documentation, training and support systems.


Moscow, 3 Krasnokazarmennaya str., bld. 8
+7 (499) 265-78-11, +7 (499) 265-78-33


Accumulated experience and expertise in the design and implementation of financial accounting and analytical systems, combined with the polished design time technology has allowed Galfind to take a leading position in IT consulting and win well-deserved prestige in the business circles of Russia.

Galfind clients include:

  • "Kolenergo"
  • "Mosenergosbyt"
  • "Territorial generating company № 1"
  • "Kola Power Sales Company"
  • "Apatitskaya CHPP"
  • "Murmanskaya CHPP"
  • Volgodonsk nuclear power plant - the branch of "Rosenergoatom"
  • "Energotorg"
  • "Fourth Generation Company of Wholesale Electricity Market (OGK-4)"
  • "Berezovskaya GRES-1"
  • "Smolenskaya GRES"
  • "Surgut GRES-2"
  • "Shaturskaya TPP-5"
  • "Yayvinskaya TPP"
  • "OMZ"
  • "Uralhimmash"
  • "Transneftservis-C"


Surgut, 55-159 Mira str.
+7 (922) 6520198, +7 (3462) 620198

Nizhny Tagil, 4 Kosmonavtov str.


PROFI-IT, in 1999, occupies a well-deserved position in the market among the leading IT companies. The team of professional consultants, led by the Director Bobretsova S., creates a modern system of management of organizations in various industries: Construction, manufacturing, trade, public administration, auto business, etc.


Rostov-on-Don, 76/23a Volodarskogo 2 str., 2 floor, 203
+7 (863) 2360470, +7 (863) 2366383

Krasnodar,3/2 Dzerzhinsky str., office 405, bld. "Bank Krylovsky"
+7 (861) 2252107, +7 (861) 2252104

Stavropol, 10d Kulakova str., office 216a, "Max-City" shopping center
+7 (8652) 951044, +7 (8652) 951045

Volgograd, 2 Gvardeyskaya 7 str., office 312А, bld. "Arbitration court"
+7 (8442) 232013, +7 (8442) 230194

Saratov, 37 Tankistov str., office 5a-27, "Dicomp" business center
+7 (8452) 669-333

Voronezh, Moskovsky ave, 109a
+7 (473) 2351917 , +7 (473) 2469367


South Software Company (USK), founded in 2000 as a supplier of licensed software. Currently, USC's largest IT-company in Russia with a developed branch network. Representative office opened in 6 cities: Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Stavropol, Volgograd, Saratov, Voronezh

The Company has all necessary resources to implement the full cycle of activities associated with software: from pre-sales consulting to implementation and training. Has the highest partner status of domestic and foreign software vendors. The company employs over 100 professionals in sales, technical support and implementation.

In recent years the company, in addition to IT-service provider, is actively developing competence in the field of management consulting, and offers the market new services: a description and optimization of business processes, development of Quality Management System training to certify compliance with international standards of quality, financial, personnel and IT-consulting.

Raschety i consulting

Belgorod, 6a Nekrasova str.
+7 (4722) 317149


Company spetsaliziruetsya in management consulting and implementation of IT. Provides consulting services for the improvement and construction enterprise management systems.

The company provides services in the following areas:

  • Implementation of CIS
  • introduction of automation systems:
  • Electronic Document (SED)
  • Project Management
  • models of enterprise management
  • Systems of complex automation
  • Operations and breeding records
  • Development of QMS according to ISO 9001

Understanding of the nature of governance associated with the software - the first step to good management. With a background in working with processes and certain success in supporting organizational transformation, Raschety i consulting offers its services to clients in the implementation and development of good governance through the implementation of business processes and selection of appropriate software and systems.


Chelyabinsk, 4b-36 Dovatora str.
+7 (351) 2334740, +7 (912) 7709797


Group of companies "Business-Service "is the information technology market of the Ural region in 2003.

Currently, Business-Service offer their clients a full range of IT services, consulting, technical and licensing support information systems and services for IT outsourcing.

  • selection, implementation, technical and licensing support for ERP - systems
  • selection, implementation, technical and licensing support for ECM - systems
  • Consulting in the field of business process management. Delivery, setup and service BPM - system
  • Licensed Software is the leading developers - sales, installation, service

"Business-Service" has experience in automation of companies in various industries: oil and gas industry, energy, industry, trade, the entertainment industry.

customers include such companies as LUKOIL-Uralnefteproduct "(one of the leading divisions of OAO LUKOIL), OAO UralAZ-Energy (energy holding company RusPromAvto), JSC" Plastic "(a leading provider of AvtoVAZ), "YuzhUral-ASCO (leader of the region in the insurance business), OAO Makfa, OAO Chelyabinskgazkom, OAO CHKPZ, OAO ZZMK", etc.

Consult info

Kaliningrad, 4 Chuvashskaya str.
+7 (4012) 574504, +7 (4012) 588850


The company "Consult Info" in the market of information technologies of the Kaliningrad region for more than 4 years old and has a large amount of knowledge and experience in this area.

The main objective of company - providing full service integration and support of IT solutions. The level of their expertise is wide range of services includes selection of equipment and software for customer requirements and solving complex management problems using information technology. By contacting us you will get quality objective analysis of your needs and the best proposal for solving the challenges ahead.


Tyumen, 28a Respubliki str.
+7 (3452) 344758, +7 (904) 8756932


The main activities of "Center of Legal and Management Consulting" Forum "are providing a wide range of legal services to individuals and legal entities, as well as issues of optimization and efficiency of management processes in enterprises, institutions, government agencies and local government.

Specialists of "Center of Legal and Management Consulting" ensure the implementation of the Administration of Tyumen quality management system that complies with state standards ISO 9000, conducted a comprehensive study of the quality management system of the executive branch of the Yamal-Nenets autonomous district, took part in optimizing the performance of local self-Taz and Pur districts of Yamal, etc.

The experience and modern means of administrative control and simulation results allow us to "Center of Legal and Management Consulting" Forum "to solve problems in improving organizational performance at any level of complexity.

Cyber Game

Almaty, 50 Zhibek Zholy str.
"Forum" business center, 1 floor, 127
+7 (727) 2735017, +7 (727) 2275825


Pavlodar, 7/2-69 Lenina str.
+7 (701) 5292982


Company GAB-group of outsourcing companies has extensive experience in providing services in legal and management consulting for large corporate customers, including: Kazakhtelecom ","Ust-Kamenogorsk Poultry Plant ", JSC"Kazakhstan's oil company, "KOR"and others. High professionalism GAB for Management Consulting confirmed by certificates of the Institute of Management Consultants USA (IMC USA).

Basic principles that guide professionals GAB in the implementation of consulting projects are in conformity of the draft business requirements of customers, the future use of and accountability for results.

Pit-Stop InfoKonsalt

Minsk, 14 Stadionnaya str.
+7 (017) 2331200


Company "Pit-Stop InfoKonsalt" offers:

  • Automation Operations, management and accounting.
  • Automation divisions work with clients on CRM - Technology (customer relationship management).
  • services in management consulting.
Among the clients: "Minsk Lada", "Liberty Motors, Lankor" Home AV.

Smart Person

+7 (495) 2117912


Center of competence for the effective management

Experts Smart Person working with major companies of almost all sectors of the economy, including: Corporation Ekonika, VimpelCom, UniCredit Bank, Math, Sibur, and many others.


Kryvyi Rih, 1a Kharitonova str.
+38 (097) 2097402, +38 (050) 7118929


ICOM Consulting Agency provides high quality services for business planning, as well as individual coaching.
The company's main ICOM - management consulting, business plan development for businesses, training for staff, implementation of ERP, CRM systems, evaluation of performance by KPI.
The company uses the most advanced technology and expertise in this area. Professional specialists provide quality work. The company is represented in major regions of Ukraine: Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk region, the Crimea. In addition, ICOM has a representative office abroad, which is located in Prague (Czech Republic). The company cooperates with the National Aviation University. The company's clients large manufacturing enterprises, such as LLC "Steele Vork", "South Wind", etc.


Moscow, 23 Shelepihinskoe, office 406
+7 (499) 2560516


BITAKS company specializing in business automation systems, formulation of operational and managerial accounting, data analysis, improving the quality of governance.

key moments of the company are:

  • implementation of industry solutions for high-tech software platforms - using the resources of modern software platforms to automate various business processes, we are preparing the solutions for the automation of companies from different industries. Bitacs solutions include proven and well-established practice of allowing to increase business efficiency.
  • Flexible solutions for specific customer - in the implementation of our decisions, we consider the specific client, adapting the standard functionality of the system, implement customer-specific business processes. As a result, the client gets the opportunity to improve their business processes through standard practices, while maintaining their competitive advantage and individuality.
  • efficiency in project implementation and quality of services - project management automation and involved in it by people with points of view of functionality, timing, cost and quality of the solutions allows us to minimize project risk and time to identify emerging problems. We always aim at maximizing economic benefits for the customer when available in the project limits.

ICB Professional

Moscow, 107 Dmitrovskoe highway, bld. 1
+ 7 (495) 9791806, + 7 (495) 9782021


ICB Professional Company specializes in providing services to institutional, financial and HR consulting.
Our specialists have extensive experience working with organizations in different business areas, including:

  • Probusinessbank
  • Mosenergosbyt
  • Arkhenergo
  • IBS
  • Miel
  • Akron
  • Shatura-furniture
  • MTS
  • Silvinit