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Information panels (Dashboards)

Information panels (Dashboards) are presented in the KPI MONITOR program in form of monitoring panels.

Flexible positioning of indicators, scorecards and reports on information panels allows user to compose ergonomic control centre, both for management and staff of the company.

Customized interactive executive dashboard allows to display only most important indicators, eliminating the need of requesting data from subordinates in order to make informed management decisions.

The colour coding on dashboard allows to draw attention to indicators which are at or approaching critical values.

Detailed information about particular indicator is available along with calculating plan, information on indicators that affect the result, as well as analysis and refinement in perspective of analytical dimension of interest.

Data access restrictions set up by applying different filters in the access control pane, allows to configure a single panel for variety of enterprise managers, minimizing the roll-out time and keeping the unified form of information panel for common perception of indicators by responsible parties.

Enabled by the wide graphic capabilities of MS Silverlight technology, animated elements are used to reflect the dynamics of indicator changes on the panel.

Web interface of the program allows managers to monitor the status of indicators presented on the dashboard from any place, by the Internet.

Thanks to the highly customizable dashboard, elements positioning can be adjusted, depending on the screen size, whether it is plasma panel or netbook's monitor.