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Training program

Express training course is designed for professionals who plans to use KPI MONITOR 2010 Base for configuring company effectiveness parameters and to take certification tests on KPI MONITOR 2010 Base software.

The training program is aimed to demonstration and learning of the key features of the system and may not contain a full set of all program features. Software edition of KPI MONITOR 2010 Basic installed on students workstations may be different from the version used in video lessons.

Printing the notes is recommended for use while watching video lesson and performing of demonstrated actions after each video lesson is also recommended for better comprehension of educational material. The training program is divided into the following lessons:

1. Install and run the program

Lesson demonstrates how to install and run the program. Introduced a list of software prerequisites required to install and use software.

2. Adding a new database

Lesson shows how to add a new database to store indicators, scorecards, reports, and monitoring panels (Dashboard) for a particular enterprise.

3. System Configuration Steps

Lesson describes the sequence of basic system facilities setup.

4. Setting up the organizational structure and users list

Lesson shows how to configure the system users who are employees of the company responsible for the configurable enterprise performance indicators. For detailed picture of data access objects it is recommended to view lesson number 11 consequently.

5. Basic indicators setup

Lesson shows how to configure the basic indicator using the analytical parameters, the ability to manually enter values to the indicator.

6. Setting up estimated indicators

Lesson shows how to configure the calculation formula, using basic and calculated indicators as parameters, and apply restricting filters to the values.

7. Setting target indicators

Lesson demonstrates setting up target indicators: configuring of indicators reflecting actual values, setting up target areas and the boundary values, applying restrictions to the display

8. Setting up a scorecards

Lesson shows how to configure tree structures in the form of scorecards: Setting up branches of the graph / tree, configuring hierarchy.

9. Customizing Reports

Lesson shows how to configure tabular reports for displaying the calculated values and benchmarks.

10. Setting up the monitoring panels (Dashboards)

Lesson shows how to configure dashboards, which can accommodate indicators, scorecards and reports with arbitrary positioning of the screen.

11. Access rights adjustment

Lesson demonstrates feature of restricting the access rights to objects and object values by users.

Affiliate program participants and clients can get a detailed access to the curriculum, by sending request from our website.