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"users" dictionarydictionary containing basic information about each user of KPI MONITOR: system name, position, email, tel., photos, preferred graphical form of the elements, access rights, login and password, update interval, custom filters, etc.

"positions" dictionarydictionary containing a list of positions.

"units of measure" dictionarydictionary containing units of measure.

Analytical GuideGuide to reflect values of analytical dimensions of indicators (Cost, Contracts, Affiliates, Contractors, Goods/Services, CFD, etc.)

Basic type of indicatorindicator of the basic type contains the actual raw data and planned (target) values, which are imported from the database or application transport files.

Estimated the type of indicatorindicator of estimated type contains the actual and planned (target) values, which are determined by custom algorithms using formulas and the values of other indicators (basic and estimated).

Target type indicatorThe indicator of the target type contains the actual and planned (target) values of basic and estimated types of indicators and is intended to represent actual values in the context of critical and target areas.

Value of the indicatornumerical value of the indicator on a specific date, imported from the database of accounting application or transport file, entered manually or calculated by KPI MONITOR system basing of other numerical values.

Actual valueThe value reflecting the actual state of the indicator.

Boundary valueThe value determines the critical or planned boundary (planned rate).

Container type of indicatora container used to group a number of indicators and reports on them in one unit.

Indicatorinteractive Form of graphical representation of values for a given period in an arbitrary graph.

Reporttable form of representation of indicator in arbitrary analytical dimensions, defined in analytical dictionaries.

ScorecardInteractive tree structure that reflects the relationship of indicators, trends, and the actual and planned values.

Monitoring panelinteractive form with combined representation of indicators, reports and scorecards. A monitoring dashboard.

FilterRestrictions applied to the analytical dimension.

Step perioduser-specified interval (day, week, month., Quarter, year), indicators are displayed for a specified period.

Report typeType of graphical representation of indicator values (histograms, graphs, area).

Transport filesfile for importing the data into the KPI MONITOR system.

Licencenon-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the KPI MONITOR in a ways specified by a license agreement.

Technical Supportservice, including telephone consultations and email, as well as updating the KPI MONITOR.

Partner statusStatus assigned to partners by ProfItProekt company under the terms of the Partner Program.

Demo versionsoftware version of KPI MONITOR which is not intended to be sold and can be used solely for demonstration, trial use, testing and evaluation of fit and fitness of the program.

NFR-VersionVersion of KPI MONITOR which is not intended for sale and can be used solely for demonstration, trial use, testing and evaluation of fit and fitness of the program, as well as for internal use by a partner.